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Since the very first edition of the MGF Kempenrit the event aimed to be more than the average tour of some MG club. And also during this edition we want more and target some fun. We fully focus on:

  • Bringing together MG drivers, regardless if they have a membercard of a club or not
  • A lovely, easy going event with opportunities to admire the MG's
  • A charming tour around the region called 'Kempen', by the use of an easy road book

Of course we will not forget that the 25th birthday of the MGF passed by during COVID and the MGTF is celebrating its 20th birthday in 2022.

All participants with an MG are welcome.




Sunday August 21st 2022

Showing up and registration on the day is best done between 09.00AM and 11.00AM. You will receive a 'goodiebag' and it will give you the opportunity to enjoy the cars on the spot. 
To make reduce the length of the queue, we ask you to pre-register via this website. 
You can start driving the tour whenever you feel ready to do so.




Hof Van Reyen
Oudebaan 37
2530 Boechout

More info about this location can be found here: Hof Van Reyen


How much

The fee is per MG, independent on the number of attendees in the car.

  • 10 euro/MG if registered and payed upfront by using this website
  • 15 euro/MG on the day itself
  • free for members of the MG Car Club Antwerp vzw.

Additionally you are able to book for breakfast and/or dinner in advance.
The registration form includes two fields to add these options.

  • 15 euro for a breakfast per person
  • 25 euro for a dinner (BBQ) per person

The required amount can be paid on the following account

  • IBAN: BE 81 7430 3223 4124  ---   BIC: KREDBEBB)
  • registered by MG CAR CLUB ANTWERP VZW
  • with the remark the name of the driver

The page for registering upfront



Contact details can be found on this page

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